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Our goal is to help independent and community pharmacies become more profitable and further improve customer service. Our software is very intuitive and easy to use. We gather data from our client pharmacies periodically during the day to feed the optimization and data mining models behinds the scenes. These models do all the complex math and suggest easy to understand and actionable tasks to the pharmacy staff.

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Purchasing Optimization

This module makes the purchasing process much more efficient by identifying the right drug for the pharmacy to buy in the right amount, right package size at the right time to maximize reimbursements and inventory turns. We developed an intuitive website to distill all the information into an easy to understand star rating system.

The recommendations are tailored to each individual pharmacy by using historical dispensing and reimbursements data, on hand inventory and price catalogs from wholesalers. We made this whole process seamless because the Data Science models do all the complex math to maximize profit margin.

This module also provides optimal recommendations to buy the short dated drugs. This model considers the price drop and time to expiration relationship to smooth out the purchases of short-dated drugs and tries to buy the right quantity at the right time.

Workforce Planning and Optimization

Having the right staff at the right time is very critical to the success of a pharmacy. This module looks at the historical prescription fills to suggest how many pharmacists and technicians the pharmacy needs to have in the upcoming days and weeks. 

In addition, employees can clock in and clock out in the website. Using that information, we can compare the plan to the actual pharmacist and technician hours. 

Audit and Risk Management Analytics

This module can be deployed to analyze the prescriptions that are part of an audit. This tool efficiently reviews and identifies the most vulnerable prescriptions in an audit and to minimize the amount of money at risk in an audit.

In addition, we intend to develop a near real time auditing tool to identify prescriptions potentially vulnerable to audits.  This goal is to ensure that potentially vulnerable prescriptions are being billed correctly and that the pharmacy has the proper documentation.

Verify Prescription Billing Errors

Billing errors occur due to incorrect billing in the pharmacy or incorrect reimbursement by the insurance company. This anomalies detection module considers historical reimbursement patterns to match up against new prescriptions and highlights inconsistencies, if any.

Integrated Accounting

Pharmacies receive a large number of drugs everyday from the wholesalers. Receiving those drugs and entering all that information into the system accurately is a daunting task everyday for the pharmacies. Inventory, dispensing, receivables and other accounting tasks have to be completed every month. These accounting tasks can be done by using different accounting rules like first-in-first-out or last-in-first-out, etc. This process is very challenging, especially with data discrepancies and large number of drugs. We are creating a system that automatically matches up the purchase orders with invoices from wholesalers and drugs dispensed at the pharmacy to easily create accurate accounting data.

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Our goal is to connect all the disparate software and data systems in a pharmacy and create one integrated system that would help the independent and community pharmacies perform at their best.

We are looking for individuals who are naturally obsessed with customer service and willing to listen and learn from customers and team members. We want to hire individuals who enjoy working in a startup and a highly collaborative environment. We need individuals who are willing to wear multiple hats, as needed, to provide the best customer service. 

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